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The icy cold, pristine waters surrounding Alaska provide a year-round bounty of seafood. Fishing for wild species during key harvesting periods is important for sustainability. We will deliver to you only the freshest, in-season Alaska fish and shellfish available to us each month.
Wild-caught fish is free of chemicals and pesticides that can be found in some farmed fish, and nothing compares to the incredible flavor and health benefits of fresh Alaskan seafood. We make it easy for you to enjoy Alaska’s bounty on your family’s dinner table by delivering it to your door.

What’s in Your Box?

For just $69 per month, you will receive:

Alaskan Fish & Seafood Selection

Your Alaskan Seafood Selection

For $69 per month, you will receive 6-8 servings of Alaska’s finest, wild-caught seafood at your doorstep. Your box will contain multiple varieties of MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) certified sustainable fish and/or shellfish, depending upon what is in-season at the time. One month could bring you Sockeye Salmon, Halibut, and Rockfish, while the next month could bring you Snow Crab, Silver Salmon, Ling Cod. Each shipment will contain delicious and seasonal seafood.

Our Earth-Friendly Boxes

Your seafood selection will be flash-frozen and packed with care in a specially designed, insulated box which will guarantee top quality upon delivery, from sea to table. Our sturdy recyclable cardboard boxes contain a biodegradable insulated lining and dry ice to keep your Alaskan seafod frozen for up to 12 hours after it reaches your doorstep.

Alaskan Seafood recipes

Informative Story Cards

We include a story card for each species of Alaskan fish or shellfish in your box so you can learn the story behind the seasonality and sustainability of your seafood.

Delicious Recipe Suggestions

We have an amazing selection of recipes you can use depending on the species and season. New recipes will be posted on our blog each month with simple, yet delicious preparation ideas and you can access hundreds more delicious Alaska seafood recipes by clicking the link below.

wild Alaskan Side Shrimp Pasta


A monthly delivery of wild caught Alaskan Seafood.

From our Docks to your Door.