Both Garret and Teddy worked in the commercial fishing industry with experience ranging from the Bountiful Bristol Bay to the Renowned Copper River. Garret and Teddy met at the University of Alaska where they both studied business. Even as college students, the founders made time to enjoy the bounty of Alaska’s waters that they are lucky to have access to. Teddy has been passionate about cooking from a young age and Garret is always eager try the recipes Teddy comes up with; many of which you will get a chance to try with Findigo. We promise to only share the ones that Garret says are tasty!



Garret grew up in Anchorage, Alaska, loving all the outdoors had to offer. He never goes too long between enjoying some tasty Alaskan seafood. Garret and his passion and talent for design is the reason you will be able to find meaning and beauty in the details of Findigo. His favorite part about living in Alaska is fishing under the light of the midnight sun.



Teddy will never admit he is an amazing chef making food that will remind you of what joy is. He grew up in Alaska living the outdoor life that Alaska is known for. A glass of wine on the cabin deck in Alaska’s midnight summer sun reminds Teddy of why he lives in Alaska.