Frequently Asked Questions

Why Buy Alaskan Fish & Seafood with Findigo?

Knowing where your seafood comes from is really important in today’s world of irresponsible overfishing and seafood fraud. In Alaska our pristine waters provide us with delicious, traceable, wild seafood and an exciting story about how your dinner was caught. At Findigo we are excited about sharing this quality seafood and want you and your family and friends to enjoy it as much as our families have for generations.

How many meals will I get out of a Box?

In each box you will get between 6 & 8  4-6oz servings; enough for  3 or 4 meals for two.

Should I be eating this much seafood?

Absolutely, due to the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids, the USDA recommends people consume at least 8 oz. of seafood per week.

What is in the box?

Box contents are not set from month-to-month due to our desire to provide only the best quality, in-season Alaskan seafood year round. The species that have been selected are only the best Alaska has to offer including:
Black Cod
Pacific Cod
Ling Cod
Sockeye(Red) Salmon
Coho(Silver) Salmon
King Crab
Tanner(Snow) Crab
Dungeness Crab

Isn’t fresh seafood better than frozen?

Fresh seafood is better when it is truly fresh. Unless you live close to the source, fresh seafood is often over a week old causing a reduction in quality. Our seafood has been processed and flash frozen soon after being caught. This is the safest way of shipping seafood and the best way to protect the quality so this delicious seafood can be enjoyed outside the State of Alaska.

Where is the seafood from?

Our seafood comes from multiple fisheries all over the state to ensure you are able to enjoy all the seafood Alaska has to offer. Traceability won’t be a problem, the story card in your box will provide information about the particular species you are enjoying and where it was caught.

I don’t know how to cook seafood.

Don’t worry we’ve got your back, the story card gives you great recipes for the seafood in each box that are simple to make but wildly delicious.

Is this seafood sustainable?

Yes! In Alaska we take great pride in our seafood, as a result all our seafood is either MSC Certified Sustainable or has the Alaska Responsible Fisheries Management Certification.

What happens if I don’t want a box this month?

Going on vacation? Not a problem – just log on to your account and set a one month delay before the next monthly charge occurs. Alternatively, if you have missed the cut off or just feel like sharing your box with somebody you know, send us an email to letting us know their name and address. We will need your instructions at least 5 days before the set delivery.

I have a shellfish allergy.

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about you. When you sign up check the shellfish allergy box and on any given month when we would send shellfish you will receive the equivalent amount of another species instead.

How much will shipping cost?

Shipping will vary based on distance from our distribution center. When checking out your zip code will determine the final cost. The average shipping cost is $28.

Why don’t you ship to my zip code?

If your zip code said we could not deliver to your area, that means the seafood won’t get to you quickly enough to provide you with the amazing experience Alaskan seafood has to offer. We are working hard to be able to deliver in more locations. Please feel free to drop us a line at if you have any questions.

Will my box spoil if I’m not home to put it away?

The box can sit at your door for up 12 hours waiting for you to get home without a problem. It will still be frozen and ready for you to get it in the freezer to save for later, or in the refrigerator to thaw.

What day will my box arrive?

Boxes arrive on the third Thursday of the month.

What day will I be billed?

Billing occurs on the first of each month.

When will my quarterly box be delivered?

Quarterly subscription boxes are delivered in March, June, September, and December.

Can I recycle all the packaging?

The cardboard box can easily be recycled at your nearest recycling center.

The insulation liners are biodegradable and can be thrown away guilt free. There may be occasions when biodegradable insulation liners are unavailable and foam insulation will be used. Check with your local recycling center for foam recycling options.


A monthly delivery of wild caught Alaskan Seafood.

From our Docks to your Door.